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ProBooking – Review

Why do you need appointment booking software?

The term “appointment scheduling” refers to a variety of tools that help you schedule your appointments in advance. These tools are typically used by small businesses or individuals who need to book an appointment with another person. They can also be used by companies to create and maintain appointment schedules for employees.

What is ProBooking?

ProBooking is one such booking software to help you in organizing your appointments with your clients and collect payments from your clients for every meeting booked.

  • 1:1 meeting & Group Sessions
  • Multiple Google Calendar Integration
  • Email reminders & followups
  • Zoom, Google Meet
  • Stripe, Paypal, Coupon Codes
  • Custom Branding – CNAME, Free SSL
  • Custom Booking form
  • Webhooks, Pabbly, KonnectzIT integration
  • Google Analytics & Fb Pixel integration
  • Unlimited Clients and Appointments
  • Whitelabel booking page


  • Multiple Google Calendars
  • Zoom
  • Google Meet
  • Paypal
  • Stripe
  • Google Analytics , FB Pixel
  • Webhooks
  • Pabbly, Integrately , KonnectzIT

Most useful/ requested features by community:

  • Multiple google calendar sync
  • Customizable email reminders & followups
  • Custom Branding – CNAME, Free SSL
  • Embed in your website
  • Stripe, Paypal
  • Coupon Codes
  • Duplicate Booking Types
  • Webhooks, Pabbly & Integrately

Available Languages

  • English
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Czech
  • German


Used by Professionals:

Coaches/ Consultants – Use for individual client consultation calls & group sessions

Web & marketing agency – Use for client discovery and support calls

DTrainers / Advisers – For training & advisory calls with their clients

Similarly, ProBooking can be used for every personal service.

Let’s dive in and see how to set up your booking page with ProBooking.


It is a simple straightforward dashboard with information like upcoming appointments and analytics like no. of bookings in a week/month with total bookings and clients. You can find all the options on the left side navigation panel.

ProBooking Dashboard

Appointment Types

Here you can find all the different types of bookings you created or you have an option to create a new appointment type. There are options to view the booking page, a copy link option and a toggle to enable or disable an appointment type on each card.

Appointment Types

Clicking on the settings gives you options to edit, clone, delete and add to website option.

Appointment Type Settings


You can set your availability or create a new one according to your schedule. It allows your clients/users book an appointment only on the timings you are available.

ProBooking Availability

Set your timings on the day to day you can also add special timings on a particular day to override the normal schedule.

ProBooking Availability Settings


Probooking is easy, Simply share your booking page link or embed it into your website!


Connect your favourite apps, calendars, payment providers and online video calling services like zoom and google meet. You can collect payment for each booking by connecting Paypal or stripe to your account. Automate your workflow using their webhooks right now you can automate things when a New booking is made, rescheduled or cancelled.

ProBooking Integrations

Booking Page

The profile page is straightforward you can add a profile image, name and about. The branding tab allows you to change the brand colour, ProBooking URL or add a custom domain with a brand logo.

Booking Settings Page


Create coupons to let your clients avail a discount on bookings. There are some simple options like validity, type of discount and usage limit.

Coupons Settings


There is not much in the settings tab you can select language, Date Format, Time Format and Time Zone. You can change your password and plans details here.

Settings Page

Why should I use ProBooking?

It is simple and straightforward very easy to set up even if you are not technically sound. You can embed it on your website or share your booking URL with your clients. With webhooks, you can automate your workflows and connect ProBooking to 1000 different apps. Founder Udit Arora is open to feedbacks and helpful which bring confidence in the future of the app.

Alternatives To ProBooking


Probooking is easy, Simply share your booking page link or embed it into your website!

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