Trafft Online scheduling software Review

Trouble managing your schedule or missed the appointment with your customer?

One account can save you lots of time and energy allowing you to book, remind, collect a payment, manage staff and meetings.

With Trafft you can manage all your appointments in one calendar so you can’t miss an important appointment ever again.

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Find all the information about your organization on one page. The dashboard looks neat and simple with all the data about appointments, revenue, New Customers, and occupancy.

Trafft Dashboard

You can filter the data with Current Week, Last Week, This Month, Last Month, Last Three Months, and Last Six Months. These filters can be applied to New Customers, Revenue, Performance, and Occupancy. Appointments and Daily Occupancy have month wise filters. While the Last Booked Appointments can be filtered with the status of the appointment like All Statuses, Approved and Pending. You can also view the performance metrics based on the Employees and Services. Which helps you know the occupancy rate of the employee or the services.



Find all your appointments on one calendar which can sync to Google and Outlook Calendars. The default view of the calendar is the week view.

Calander View

Details of each appointment can be viewed on the left side after clicking on the appointment. You can find the Status of the appointment, Service, Appointment Date and Time, Employee assigned and Customer Name and Email along with the payments.

You can edit the appointment or delete the appointment.

Edit or Delete Appointment

In the Edit Appointment you can change the service, Employee assigned, Data and Time, Add, remove or edit customers to the appointment, change the status of the appointment or add extra services to the appointment.

Editing Appointment


Streamline your customers’ booking process through a powerful scheduling system


All the appointments are shown in a list view with details like Time, Service, Customer, Duration, Status of the appointment and Employee assigned. You can search or filter appointments based on services, customer, employee, status, and with Start Date and End Date.

All Appointments

You can export the data in a comma or semicolon separated format with the ability to choose what data should be included in the export.

Exported File

Create a new appointment on the backend from the appointment page by selecting the service and other details required to set up an appointment.

Adding New Appointment

After filling in all the details you can find the summary on the left panel with the details like date and time of appointment, employee, service selected etc.

When the booking is created customer receives an email with all the details and an option to download an .ICS to add the appointment to the calendar.


The existing employee can be found here or a new employee can be added. You can filter the employee using service this is the only filter available for employees.

Employees View

Clicking on the employee field opens a panel on the right side with the details like next 7 days appointments, Cash, percentage of load, hours in appointment, appointments by each day in bar graph and the appointments scheduled for today.

Adding New Employee:

Clicking on add new employee opens a panel to add the details with few tabs related to the employee like Employee info, Services linked to the employee, working hours, Day offs, and special days.

In the info tab you can add employee avatar, First and Last name, phone, email and description of the employee.

Employee Info

Every employee needs to be assigned a services to get started with the bookings. An employee can be assigned one or more services. Each employee can have different prices for the services available with minimum and maximum capacity to accept a service. Any service can be turned on or off anytime.

Employee Services

All the employees in a business are assigned to the default working hours and working days. But there is the flexibility to change it for each and every employee. Personalized working hours and days can be assigned to an employee.

Employee Office Hours

If you have multiple business locations you can add a new period on the same day with different locations and services with different working hours assigned.


Streamline your customers’ booking process through a powerful scheduling system

Employee Day Off:

Adding day off requires the name of the day off, start date and end. This can either be once or a repeat yearly day off for a specific no of years.

Special Day:

Add special days to your business it might be a celebration or staff meeting this can be assigned to a particular service, location or for every service and location listed in your business. There is no repeat option here and different timings can be assigned to different locations and services. This special day can be assigned to, specific employee.

Special Day


Find all your customer data on the customer’s page where you can add, edit or delete customers. All the customer data can be exported to a comma or semicolon separated format with selected fields or all the fields from the data.



Find all the services from different categories under one tab, here you can add, edit, delete or disable the service. There is no option to export the services. Services can be sorted with price and name. There is only one filter that is categories. You can create a new category or assign it to the default category. Service cannot be added if you don’t assign it to any category.


Adding a new category

Adding a new service requires Name, Category, Price, Employees and Duration which are mandatory fields. There are other options like buffer time before and after, Tax value, colour, Capacity and Description on the info tab.

New Service

Extras can also be added to the service with a price, duration and max capacity. Any no.of extras can be added to a service.

Gallery only supports images JPG, PNG and Gif file formats can be uploaded.


Streamline your customers’ booking process through a powerful scheduling system


Add multiple locations to your business, each location can have different working hours or the default hours will be added to the location.


You cannot assign a service to a location here instead it can be done in the service section. Basic fields like Name and Address are enough to add a location.


Finance sections include invoices, transactions, taxes, coupons and coupons history. You have three filters for invoice customers, service and status and again there is no option to bulk download all the invoices but you can do that individually. Other options available are to set the invoice to paid or send an invoice, this sends an invoice to the registered email or you can manually enter the email you want to send the invoice to.

Clicking on the invoice open the right panel with all the details of the invoice with the status.

In Invoice settings you can turn on the option to send invoices to customers automatically, change the invoice title, invoice number and also invoice prefix.

You can customize your invoice with your logo or just use your business name. Trafft is coming up with new invoice styles right now there is only one style available, you can change primary colours. You have to choose one of the colours there is no option to add a custom colour. There is also an option to have additional notes which can be used for your company refund policies or terms.

All the transactions can be filtered using the start and end date, customers and service. There is no option to export these transactions.

View the details by clicking on transactions you can find details like invoice date, payment status, appointment, customer, employee and payment type.

Services can be taxable or non-taxable. You can set custom taxes for each service or extras. Tax can be set to default, apply for all services or it can be applied to all extras.

Create coupons and apply them to specific services or customers. You can find all the coupons created and filter them with the service.

Add a new coupon, there are options to add an expiration date, usage limit, per-user limit. Select a single service or you can choose all services. Choose the discount in terms of amount or percentage.

There are other options like sending coupons to the customers. You can select which customers you need to send, you can either select manually or filter you using their advanced filters like appointment date, Services, Employees, No of bookings, and value of the appointment in terms of money. And you can also disable coupon sharing.


Streamline your customers’ booking process through a powerful scheduling system


If you are looking to customize your booking form, click the drop-down beside the booking website and select customize the booking form. On this page, you can find the embed code to add your booking forms on other web pages. You can rearrange the fields on the form by dragging them. Form colours can be changed to either predefined colours or to a custom colour. Change the font to your brand fonts, there is an option to turn on or off the made with Trafft. And also you can upload your logo for your website. Select who can access the site, registered customers or guest customers. Registered are the ones with an account and guests don’t need to be registered. Add custom CSS and JS is also available.

The booking website looks clean with your services listed which can be filtered using the categories on the left. I wish there are more customization options like adding about, contact and team pages.

Services booking page looks nice with details like duration, Capacity, Price and employees assigned to it.

Locations are also shown when they are added to any service.

Email Notifications:

Edit email templates that are used for customers and employees.

Add variables by selecting them from the menu below the template editor.

All the default values like office hours can be changed in the settings. I couldn’t find any integrations with Paypal or stripe anywhere in the settings. I will update this article after contacting their support.


Trafft looks like a solid platform for bookings that helps you easily manage your appointments and assign them to your employees and collect payment for services. I have been using their WordPress plugin WP Amelia for a long time now. If you wish to have a hosted platform this is the right choice for you. It can be added to any platform which supports embed options. There is not a lot of integration right now. I really hope the team adds more native integrations to services like email marketing platforms and other video calling services.


Streamline your customers’ booking process through a powerful scheduling system


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