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What is a mockup?

Mockups are full size or scaled-down models of a design. They’re often used to show off a product and see how it would look in the real world.


  • Create mockups for T-shirts, mugs, bottles or a device.
  • Use mockups of your product to showcase on your website.
  • Post them on social media.
  • Use mockups to showcase your work on marketplaces.
  • Design animated designs for social media or portfolios.

Learn how to use Artboard Studio to design mockups.

You can create professional mockups within minutes using a simple drag and drop editor. There are hundreds of assets to design. Having templates specific to Digital, Print, Apparel, Packing and Social Media makes your job easy or you can design from scratch. You have an option to select the view of the design Top and Front. Set the dimensions to predefined social media sizes or add a custom size for your canvas.

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Design, animate and present your projects with an extensive library of mockups right inside the browser with your team.

Creating A New Design

You can create a new project from the menu on the left side of the page. Either start from scratch or select a template from the library. You can find settings like the size and Name of the project in the panel.



Filter the templates using type or search for the template. You can also filter the templates with Top/Front view or Perspective.


On the left side, you can find options to add assets to the design like background, stock photos, text, shapes, filters, your uploads and branding components. Below that you can find options to zoom in and out, hide the panel button, and a few other options. To right, you can find layers panel, revisions, canvas setting and export options. In the bottom bar, you can find the timeline option if you add animations.

Editor View

Adding Background

Find different background textures that suit your design Artboard Studio have different types of textures like Wood, Fabric, Paper, Stone and others. There are two types of view for backgrounds top view and front view.



With 100’s of items from 19 different categories. Some of the main categories are print, digital, drinks, electronics and more. This gives freedom to create any kind of design.

There are Top/Front view assets in almost every category. Mix and match all the assets to design a perfect mockup. With 100’s of decorative items make your design stand out.

For Top View and Front View you can see the difference in the shadow and the colour this gives the assets a 3D feel. You can also add custom shadow.

To add a custom shadow select the object and click on the fx button on the layers panel to show layer effects. You can add a custom shadow or remove the shadow in the same panel.

Get Artboard Studio

Design, animate and present your projects with an extensive library of mockups right inside the browser with your team.

Adding Label Design

The label can be designed in Artboard Studio or you can upload an image inside the placeholders. Double click opens up a new tab to design the placeholder.

Upload your plugins or drag and drop your files on canvas. Or select a file from your uploaded assets.

Detach the tab and you can see the design live on your mockup while editing the label placeholder. You can also add other assets and texts in the placeholder.


Having animated posts or ads is awesome. You can animate all the elements in the canvas. The timeline features look similar to other tools like invideo, Offeo and pixteller.

Set the start point of the element then set the element animation. The endpoint is added automatically when you add the animation point of the element.


After completing your design you can export the design in different formats like PNG, JPEG and PSD or send the design to your Mailchimp account or store it to your cloud services like Google Drive or Dropbox.

You also have the option to download the design in 1x or 2x this is available for export in PNG JPEG and PSD.

If you animate the design you can export it in three formats they are MP4, MOV and Animated GIF.


Get Artboard Studio

Design, animate and present your projects with an extensive library of mockups right inside the browser with your team.


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